Stitch Fix #12 Has Arrived!!



So this is what Stitch Fix #12 looks like for me! I was very excited to get some fun fall tops. I am pretty good about checking Pinterest to see what others are getting in their fixes for this month. I add the ones I like to my Pinterest Board and let my stylist know to check my board. I had a different stylist this month. My LOVE my usual stylist Whitney, but luckily for me Aubrey also did a great job on my fix!


Urban Expressions Carter Zipper Detail Satchel in Turquoise $68.00

This was the first thing that I took out of the box and what a great bag it is! The only downside to this is that in Fix #10, I was sent a smaller bag in almost the very same color. I have a daughter turning 19 next month, so she is keeping this bag. And the rest of the Fix looks like this!

Stitch Fix #12

41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse $58


41Hawthorn Lizzy Colorblock Striped Sweater $68


RD Style Vivianna Open-Draped Knit Cardigan $68


Market & Spruce Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top $58


The only item I am sending back this time is the 41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse. The sleeves are really tight and uncomfortable. Otherwise it is a really cute top!

Aubrey did a wonderful job filling in for Whitney this time! I can’t wait to see what is in my next Fix!

If you love the idea of a stylist picking out some wonderful pieces for you and sending them right to your doorstep, then use my link and sign up today!

Surviving IKEA opening day!

IKEA opened store #41 in St. Louis Mo today and it was a major event. A major event for the media, the city, shoppers, and people like me, professional organizers! I went with 5 other professional organizers and we had a plan. Going with a plan is the only way to survive a day like this.

First of all we got there early. But not too early. We didn’t sleep out starting on Monday to try and score a couch or anything crazy like that. We met at The Boathouse restaurant in Forest Park where we left our cars and all rode together. (Aren’t we smart, carpooling). We arrived at 9:00 and got a primo spot in the underground garage. There were at least 1,000 people already in line, but the line was  so it wasn’t too bad at all. We were handed a goodie bag with a water bottle, a tape measure and a handy screwdriver set. Organizers love stuff like that!! And by 9:15 we were in the door!!  We were greeted with much enthusiasm. It was electrifying! St. Louis favorite Fred Bird was there to greet guests too. IMG_4837 IMG_4831IMG_4865IMG_4832

One thing was also decided was that we weren’t going to buy anything today. It was a huge fear that the checkout lines would be outrageous. So we went about the task of picking our favorite IKEA item. We all chose something different, and they all had to do with organizing. I chose this cute little metal storage cart. It could be useful in the home office for supplies, the craft room for craft supplies, the pantry for small items, the bathroom for things you want to keep handy and the dorm room for all essentials. For $30 I think this is a great find!


IMG_4860After we had wondered around the store for about 2 hours we made our way down to the checkout only to find out that THERE WERE NO LINES!! We could have loaded up bags and carts and gone totally crazy! We were very surprised to see that there were 26 checkout stands and all of them were open. If they continue to run the store like this, then it will be a fantastic place to shop.


One other thing to be aware of is the food here is actually very good. We got to sample some cookies and the amazing cinnamon buns. Also notice that the food is not expensive either. I hear the Swedish Meatballs are good, but we didn’t get to sample those today.


The first 2,000 guests were given a secret envelope. Most of them had either a $10 gift card or a buy one get one free coupon for a hot dog.

So my top tips for shopping at IKEA would be:

1) Go with a plan. Allow 2 hours if you are just going to wander around.

2) Take the measuring tape, pencil and shopping list they offer at the entrance.

3) Take pictures with your phone of the rooms and ideas.

4) Look at everything! There is so much to take in and enjoy. And you will get some great ideas.

5) Go with friends! It’s so much more fun and they might notice something that you have missed.




My Love Affair with Post-Its

When my kids were little, like 100 years ago, it never failed that they would come into my room after I was already in bed to tell me something important. Something important that was needed for the next day! I forgot to sign a permission slip or their planner, they needed money in their lunch account, or they needed something from the store, whatever. I knew that I would never remember these important conversations once I fell asleep. So I started having them write it on a post-it and put it on the counter in the bathroom. I wouldn’t be able to miss a bright colored post-it right next to the sink first thing in the morning!

My kids started writing me these notes in elementary school. A lot of them were funny and I wish I had kept some of them. If I had known that one day I would be blogging about this, I would have taken pictures of them.

My youngest is in her senior year of high school and she still leaves me notes in the bathroom. I never hear her come in the room to deliver the note. She’s stealthy that way.

These notes are usually gentle reminders that she is staying after school, her clarinet needs repair or there was an issue with her car she forgot to mention to dad.

I keep post-its in the bathroom because my best ideas come to me when I’m in the shower. I know I will forget that great idea by the time I get back downstairs to my desk.

I have Post Its on my night stand so I can jot something down that I think of just as I am falling asleep. Like every night. Or in the middle of the night.

I also keep post-its in my car. I usually think of great things while driving and since Siri and I have a salty relationship, I end up scribbling a note at a stoplight and sticking it to my planner.

Some other great uses for the awesome Post-It are sticking them to something that came in the mail that you need another member of your house to take care of. Communicating with other family members in the house, by leaving notes on the kitchen counter. Grocery Lists. Labels on just about anything.

I love the many different sizes and colors they come in too. I like to write a quick note on one and stick it to my cell phone. That to me is way easier than typing a note on the reminders or notes app on my actual phone. I have to open the phone and then open the app. Why would I go to all that trouble when the post-it is just right there, stuck to the outside of my phone? I like to stick post-its to my laptop wrist rest area with reminders for something I need to do in the morning.

Now using these handy little sticky notes can also get out of control and really not add any benefit to your schedule or organizational plan if you just keep piling them on your desk. And you never throw away the ones with the tasks that you have already taken care of. Someone living in my house might do this very thing. Just sayin’.

So as you can easily see we use Post-Its at our house for just about everything.

I hope you find just as many uses for them as we do!